Dean's Message

Oral and dental health is one of the most important building blocks of healthy life. The profession of dentistry, which deals with oral and dental health, has been an important branch of medicine since ancient times.

Today, while dentists are equipped with general medical knowledge that prioritizes oral and dental health, on the other hand, they are trained as physicians who can use modern knowledge and technology and can shape the future with their equipment. That's the vision, Atlas University Faculty of Dentistryis ready to add a new power to dentistry education with its up-to-date units, technological laboratories, well-equipped clinics and experienced academics. In our Faculty of Dentistry Our dentistry education, which has a multidisciplinary working consciousness, is planned in such a way that by using all the possibilities of digital and robotic dentistry, our students will increase their professional knowledge and skill level from the first year, can accompany clinical applications within 3 years and gain experience in the modern dental hospital located on the same campus.

Atlas University Faculty of Dentistry As academicians, we fully believe that we will raise successful dentists who are devoted to their principles, who value people, who love their profession, who have a career, in our smart campus, with our experience, scientific infrastructure and physical facilities.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bulent KATİBOĞLU
Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry